Sesame Street and the Beastie Boys — Sweetest Video of All Time

Distance: 21.07 miles
Time: 0:55:50
Average Watts: 209 watts
Normative Power: 217 watts
Average Heart Rate: 167 bpm
Total Work: 740 kJ
Average Speed: 22.6 mph

This was my first ride back on the bike after the Tour of Park City. I did this solo on Wednesday night and felt like I killed it. I rode this morning with Dan too, and we killed that ride, but this was a new record for this particular route. Wednesday night the wind was fairly calm and I started to push it, felt good, and kept going. I hit the turn-around and saw I had taken it fairly quick, so I decided to push the pace on the way back and see what I was going to be able to do. I did average 229 watts for 20 minutes, which was my threshold for this ride. My official threshold test shows it at 248 watts, but I will take this for sure.

I like to get a ride in like this at least once a week. If you just go out and ride, you will stagnate. It hurts to push the pace, but man is it worth it. On our ride this morning, Dan decided he was feeling it and really started pushing the pace to 25+ mph. After my ride last night I was hanging on alright but when it came my turn to pull, I was having a tough time keeping up the pace. By about the third pull my legs got warmed up and I was doing just fine. It hurt, but I was pushing the pace for both of us.

When you get the right group, a group ride can be a fantastic training tool. This morning I was pushing 220+ watts hanging on the back of the ride and then between 280 and 300 watts when it was my turn to pull. I was able to keep this pace because I knew the workout would only be about 45 minutes long. I could have gone a little longer if tomorrow were a rest day. It was a great workout regardless.

Tomorrow will be an easier day with a 50 mile ride. I think I will head to the top of Five Mile Pass and back. Should be a great ride.

Pure Awesomeness

One thing about me is that I am decidedly uncool. I don’t know the difference between a mash-up and a remix although I love music. I just barely got an iPod about two years ago and I actually pay for all my music. While my pal Danny has repeatedly tried to teach me how to get my music for a much more economical price (try free ninety-nine), I just can’t bring myself to make that jump.

Since I am a huge music fan, I do recognize excellence when I see it. I was raised on Sesame Street and the Beastie Boys hit their stride when I was in high school. This video has one of my favorite songs by the Beastie Boys and is really well done. The great thing about it — I can watch it with my seven year old and we can both rock out to it…

I thought it was super cool and a visual you could use next time the Beastie Boys come up on your iPod…

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