Sometimes Life Gets in the Way of Sport

Alright, I have been a crappy blog writer for the last week. I usually will strive to write six days a week and provide some meaningful information with each entry. It is amazing how crazy life has been for the past week. While I was in Hawaii, I have very little excuse for not writing, except that during the last couple of days of our trip I just did not write. I apologize, but blog writing really took a back seat to spending time with my family and outside exploring the great island of Maui.

We got home safe and sound Sunday afternoon, which was no easy feat. With all of the snow that was happening in Minneapolis, Delta was begging for people to delay their travel so they could accommodate all of the poor people who were flying through that hub. While we were going through LAX, they really wanted our seats so they could take people who were delayed. While I felt for them, we did not take the tempting $400 per ticket and wait until Monday to come home. It would not have worked with out schedules for this trip.

While in Maui, I had two fitness related goals — run all five of the available days and to not gain any weight. I ran three days and felt solid for the first two. The third run my legs were really sore, more so than usual. I decided to take day four off and then we ended up going on a snorkeling trip early in the a.m. on day five. So I got in 12 miles while there when I wanted 20. I don’t want to call this goal a total failure though — I was way physically active for the entire trip. We snorkeled almost every day, hit the beach without fail every day, and boogie boarded with Hoss almost every day. I would literally hit the pillow at night exhausted but somehow wishing for more. While not ideal for a beginner triathlete, I think my body will be fine. My fitness levels have dipped slightly, but it doesn’t concern me too much.

Then I jumped on my scale Monday morning and surprise of surprises, I had not gained any weight. I kept a pretty clean diet while I was on Maui this time. I was really glad I did because I have worked hard to get my body to start shedding the pounds. I still have 15 pounds to go to 175, but I am glad it is only 15. It could have easily gone to 17 or 18 with this trip. Did I mention I love Hawaiian food? Even the unheathly stuff? You try going to places like Fat Daddy’s and Da Kitchen in Kihei and not gain any weight.

On Monday I had scheduled conference calls with school districts every 30 minutes from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. I decided to postpone my workout until Monday night because I really needed the sleep after the all-night flight from Maui to LAX. It was a good call. All day I felt on top of my work and like I was really clicking. It was a good day — very busy, but good. I had to keep that schedule because today I leave to see my brother graduate from Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson. He is up for Soldier of the Cycle, which is awesome. Next he goes on for additional training and in the next six months or so he will go to Ranger School. I am so proud of the guy.

So for this trip I will be targeting three runs and will keep the same goal of not gaining any weight. That is going to be tough because I have a deep love affair with souther barbecue. I am not sure there is a smoked meat that I won’t eat. And oh barbecue sauce how I love thee. And how do you eat southern barbecue without Dr. Pepper? Man I will be in heaven when we go out to eat. I need to avoid places that are called Fat Daddy’s though.

I will try and take some time this week to post the best of the best pictures from Maui. After viewing most of them, this is one of my favorites that I took…

I will be taking a ton of pictures of my brother’s graduation and the awesomeness that is on display there. Has anyone been to this type of ceremony who knows what the etiquette is? Besides the obvious (like the invocation if there is one) are there any protocols for picture taking? Is it encouraged or frowned on? I don’t want to embarrass my brother or my family.

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