Star Valley Wyoming — It is What Jackson Hole Should Be

I told you people I was headed up to Afton Wyoming to ride in the CASVAR 100 (I think it stands for the Cyclung Association of Star Valley Annual Ride) and we made it. This is a trip I am making with three of my college roommates — we intended this to be our trip to ride LOTOJA together but we didn’t get into this year’s race. One of our crew has a place up outside of Afton, so we decided to crash at his cabin and then put this ride under our belts. Let’s pause a moment and pour out some Infinit for our homeys who couldn’t make it with us today…

I like rural settings. I like small towns. With my work I travel a ton and my favorite places to stay are usually in small towns. I love how no matter where you are, you feel almost like you are coming home because the people are just so friendly. Afton Wyoming is one of those towns. It is definitely not huge, and I have a feeling it is what Jackson Hole was 25 years ago before the big money came to town. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the trappings of a city. But you would have a tough time beating a small town for the way people open their arms to you.

While here we are going to do manly things — fly fish, shoot guns, ride our bikes, and eat entirely too much. With the elbow still bothering me, I will be taking pictures during the fishing and shooting hours and leaving my friends in the dust on the ride. The CASVAR is going to be sweet — where else do they have a “Blazin’ Saddles” option for the ride? I am not aware of anywhere else that provides country music and barbecue after you finish up. I have yet to find many restaurants that can top my steak grilling skills, but man I love me some barbecue. Here is some of the scenery we will be riding through (Salt River Pass):

Here are the people who will be leading out the ride:

I just loved that picture and had to post it up here somehow.

So look for some great pictures up here on Monday. I want to get another installment of the Flexibility Series put up, but I am literally on the road for the next 10 days. I guess I could take pictures of myself stretching, but I am not sure you people would want to see that. I will review the ride to let you locals know if it is worth the trip and how well supported it really is. I have a feeling this is going to be a blast.

PS. My Dad wrote me an email today suggesting I keep my heart rate in check on climbs. I love how I am almost 40 and he still worries about me. Thanks Dad.

PPS. If you want to know what I use for nutrition on rides like this, remember I have transitioned to all liquid nutrition. Here is my formula for the Infinit that I use.

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