Stir Crazy Version 1.0

Since the whole bike wreck, I have literally been going stir crazy. I took the family down to St. George to see Cats, which I think I may have missed the whole point of. I was supposed to take my bike and log some serious miles, but with the whole broken elbow issue, I am not supposed to be back on the bike for a couple of weeks. So I am going a little nutty because my brain has entirely too much time to function right now.

The playbill for Cats had a page that the Director had written down some notes on. As part of his notes, he asked everyone to try and find a little something about their personality in one of the characters. I have to tell you, I missed the point entirely. The acting and singing was great and it was fun to go with my wife and boy, but I must not be smart enough to get the purpose behind the play. I mean, I get the whole renewal thing and all, but come now, that it easy to understand. Who really loves this stuff? I think it is people who are smarter than I am.

Flexibility Feature
While I am down and out, I figure I can start giving back to our community. I am going to start posting information on improving flexibility, starting with those areas that are trouble spots for triathletes and cyclists. My brother and I went on a run yesterday and I noticed his stride is being limited by his lack of flexibility, so I decided I would put this feature together. It will be a practical approach to improving the flexibility and releasing your IT Band, hamstrings, soleus, shoulders, and neck. Check back later this week to see the first installment.

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