Tanita BC-1000 Contest Winner!

Right now I am on a flight from LA to Maui, so you will forgive me if I wrote this post on Thursday night. I am really looking forward to temps in the 70’s and light winds. This trip is going to be awesome.

I did get one last ride on my bike Thursday afternoon. It was nice to be able to ride outside. It was supposedly 40°, but it felt much colder than that for some reason. I thought I was cold blooded because I have been riding outside in the teens, but apparently I am not as tough as I thought. Here are the details:

Distance: 30.1 miles
Time: 1:35:03
Average Watts: 209 watts
Normative Power: 232 watts
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Total Work: 1,278 watts
Average Speed: 19.4 mph

The good news is for the next 10 days I will be running around the island of Maui. The bad news is the Department of Education thought it would be hilarious to announce the guidelines for one of the grants we work on with school districts on February 14th. They give you six weeks to prepare your submissions, which is a tight deadline. Of course they decided to announce the guidelines the week I am headed to Maui. That means I lose a week. The week after that I am headed to North Carolina to see my brother graduate from Army Basic Training. Man this is going to be a busy time. My updates are going to be much more infrequent as will be my training. These six weeks happen every year, but it happens at different times of the year, so there is no planning for it. Bleh…I will have a four week break from training. And yes, it really takes up that much of your time. We are talking 18 hour days 7 days a week. That schedule only lasts four weeks…thank goodness.

Tanita BC-1000 Contest Winner

I know why you people are here and I have to tell you, I understand. During my first contest I ran back in November there were just over 500 entries. For this contest, there were just over 1,500, which is fantastic. It is cool to see some much excitement over a product that deserves it.

There are lots of ways to measure your body composition and body fat, but few are as accurate as the product line from Tanita. I love using mine to monitor my body composition and hydration levels. It is really a great way to understand what is happening to your body at all times. I think getting excited about this type of thing makes me a certified member of the “Nerd Herd“. So be it.

Like I mentioned when I announced this contest, you had to be a Follower to win it. I updated my Follower spreadsheet and then entered the corresponding number of entries for the other categories. There were only a handful of people who earned the maximum number of entries available. The good news is that someone who had multiple entries actually won this round. The total number of entries was 1,562.

I entered the parameters into the random number generator at Random.org and got the following result:


The entry that corresponded to this line number in my spreadsheet was…

Jen at milesmusclesmommyhood! She won with a comment that she left on 02.09 on the “How to Talk to non-Runners” post. I am pretty stoked that she won this because she has a fantastic back story that you should familiarize yourself with. She has lost over 100 lbs. in her efforts to be healthy and a good example to her daughter. I really admire her drive and tenacity. She is a cut above me because she wants to really inspire others to get moving and share in her passion. Here is her video application for DailyMile to help you get to know her…

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this contest and I hope you continue to return here to add your insightful comments. At least with the people I follow there seems to be a ton of excitement about the 2011 season and as a result, more preparation for the season than I have seen before. I am excited to see how everyone does in their training!

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