Tempo Run in Paradise

Type: Tempo Run
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 32:15
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Average Speed: 7.1 mph

Okay, you guys know I am in Hawaii for work and I have to come out here three times a year. I love that part of my job. I do have to travel quite a bit during the fall, but one of the great trips I get to take in the spring is to the island of Maui. I got the Maui YMCA a Federal grant for over $1.0 M and now have the chance to help them with the implementation of their program. It is a fantastic situation.

So is getting up in the a.m. and taking a 4.0 mile run in Kihea. I have stayed in most of the upscale properties in Wailea and Lahaina, and I have to tell you the best place for your money is in Kihea. If you are a planning a trip to Hawaii, message me and I will get you the details on my suggestions. I really suggest you look at the Maui Coast Hotel in Kihea. At this point, I won’t stay anywhere else. It is a great mix of value, location, and pure awesomeness.

The run was really good. I was surprised how fast I was. I thought I was cruising at about a 8:30 pace and when I finished up I had clocked an almost 8:00 pace. It was comfortable and I felt good holding it. I am going to try and go a little faster tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Tanita BC-1000 giveaway. It was cool to see it go to someone who will use it. Jen is super cool and has big plans for the unit and how she will use it with her PC and her Garmin. All I can say is go get ’em Jen!

Give me a couple of days and I will have some super cool photos and video to post up. I went snorkeling off of West Maui and followed a sea turtle for about five minutes. It was super cool and relaxing. I also got some great, photos of some humpbacks breaching and just playing around. The best thing about both of those experiences was I got to have them with my Hoss. It was way cool and hopefully something he will never forget.

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