The Best Weekend Ever — Granite Flats and Tibble Fork

I know this post has nothing to to with cycling, running, or triathlon or even how to improve your speed or efficiency, but it was a great weekend and I had to write about it regardless.

Camping with Haus
Haus and I have planned this weekend for a while now, and we were both stoked to get out of the city and go camping. Really, when you are a 6 year old boy, is there much better than going camping with your old man? Haus does love going to the theater with his Mom, but I think he likes going camping too. He is a true Renaissance boy.

Thursday afternoon we headed up to Granite Flats Campground up American Fork Canyon. It is the same canyon that I ride with my pals, so I know it pretty well. We packed for bear — it was supposed to be below freezing at night and up in the 60’s during the day. We packed all freeze dried food, which was going to be a first for the boy.

He was incredibly helpful. When we got up to the campground he helped set up the tent, our kitchen, and the rest of camp. That night as we sat around the campfire we told stories of old Indian tales that Dad may have made up. I have a friend who owns Ledge Sports, a camping equipment manufacturer who gave me a queen sized sleeping bag that is rated down to 20 degrees. When we went to bed for the night we stayed up and read a chapter from the book that he is currently reading. It really was the perfect day.

Friday we got up early, made breakfast, and hiked up to Silver Lake. We wet a couple of lines and got skunked. But, we did get some great pictures:

That afternoon we went up to a place called Cascade Springs. It is a spring that feeds out a lot of water. I could quantify it, but I really didn’t take that good of notes. Here is Haus cheesing it up there:

This is one of the reasons I stayed here local when I graduated from school:

Of course Friday night we sat around the campfire and told new stories. these were about the Texas Rangers (the old law enforcement and not the baseball team) and about how the wapiti (or elk) got its name. It was funny to listen to Haus try and tell his Mom the same stories later. But then came the highlight of the weekend.

We packed up the truck and headed down to Tibble Fork Reservoir. I have never had any luck fishing there, but it is convenient so we decided to wet a line before heading home. We fished for about 30 minutes without luck and then got some advice from a wise old man — he gave us the secret to catching fish up there. Needless to say, Haus started pulling them in. He ended up catching five Lake Trout and then caught a beautiful German Brown Trout. I haven’t ever caught one, and had only seen them in pictures. Here is the boy hold his up (which was no easy task — “Dad, I don’t want to get fish blood on me”):

What a great weekend with my son. Now that I am starting my travel season, it was a great chance for the two of us to bond. Mom was on a scrapbooking retreat, so Haus and I decided we would do something superfun together and i am glad we did. I will miss his birthday this week, which will be hard. But I look back on these times we spend together and am grateful for such a wonderful son.

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