The Contest is Now Closed — Let the Winning Begin!

No excuses people, but I was pheasant hunting all weekend in Iowa. The hunt was awesome and I was able to spend some quality time with my business partner, which is always nice. He and I have been working together for 10 years and it makes all the difference in the world to work with someone you trust.

The bad news is we did not have Internet access like I thought. That means I have 150 more comments to wade through and approve as well as to make sure I get all the links to the contest sorted out. I flew home last night and pulled into my driveway at 1:00 a.m. and here I sit in the airport. Again. I will be traveling all week long, but I should have some time tonight to get all this sorted out. I should be able to post the results tomorrow night. I would plan on checking back either late tomorrow or early Wednesday night. I will also email the winner and hopefully they get back in touch with me. I will give them until Saturday, and if they don’t reach back out to me by then, I will pick another winner.

One final thing — if you are traveling, please just take a step back and be nice. I travel about 20 weeks out of the year and I thought I had seen it all, until this morning. It all comes down to someone needed a hug this morning and I do not think they got it because they were way out of control. I am not sure what was going on in his personal life, but it had him stressed out. While I think stress isn’t always bad, taking out your frustration on other undeserving people is. I am not very bashful and I asked the guy where he was raised. The answer didn’t matter, and my response was, “Well, where I was raised we treat others with respect and I don’t think you are making your Momma proud right now.”

I think if he could have hit me he would have.

Thanks for all the support guys. And if you are a new follower, welcome. I welcome your feedback, as long as you are admiring how fantastic this blog is. :)

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