The Most Epic Bike Wreck Ever

Last night the pain got worse and the swelling went up, so I broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Long story short, I have a cracked radial head on the Radius of my left arm. The good news is they won’t put a cast on it, just sling it up. I can also be back on the bike within a couple of weeks.

So my brother and I are cruising along by Thanksgiving Point Gardens, which is a heavy pedestrian area. We usually will tack it onto the end of a ride just to get a couple of more miles out of the ride. I have been riding in that area for four years now and until I got locked into it with my buddy Shay last winter, I had never had a problem out there.

We are cruising along a talking and a small girl of about four years darts out in front of me. I have been riding for a long time and I think I am a pretty good bike handler. I slammed on the brakes and steered so I could miss the girl. Could you image the damage that 185 lbs. of man and 15 lbs. of bike could do to a 30-40 pound kid? I felt my bike tire start to come off of the ground and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. My brother was riding behind me and said I endo’ed and somehow landed on my left arm and head. The type of fall is exactly what happens when people break their collarbone, so I could consider myself lucky that way.

I laid in the street for a minute trying to figure out what actually hurt and what was just traumatized from the shock of the fall. The girl’s Mom was apologizing profusely, but all I could tell her was “These things happen, it is alright.” There really was no purpose to be served by yelling. My bike landed on top of me, so it got out of the deal without a scratch.

I believe my helmet saved my life. I slammed my head hard on the pavement. If you are one of the numbskulls who ride without one, you really need to change your ways. There are two types of bikers: Those who have crashed and those who will crash. Wouldn’t it be nice if every kid had a crossing guard with them at all times?

We rode home because I thought I just got scratched up in the deal. As the day progressed, I could tell there was something wrong with my elbow. I couldn’t rotate it and the swelling started to limit mobility. I took a bunch of ibuprofen to help the swelling and iced it for a couple of hours before bed.

Went to the doctor this morning and they shot some pictures of my arm. It is hard to see in this x-ray, but the radial head of the radius is cracked. The good news is they didn’t think I needed a cast and should just put it in a sling for a couple of weeks. I can even get back on the bike then. In the mean time, they will let me run starting next week, so I don’t have to be sedentary. During that time, I will post so cool bike maintenance tips for everyone so you can get your ride into shape before your A race this fall…

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