Triple Bypass Here I Come

I got in a 3.0 mile run last night. It was nothing more than a little stroll — I just went and ran. No watch and no worries about pace. I think I wan about a 8:15 pace. I did look at the clock before I left and when I got back. It was a little less than 25:00. It was a great run. Now on to this morning…

Type: Easy Ride
Distance: 20.4 miles
Time: 1:00:30
Average Watts: 169 watts
Normative Power: 172 watts
Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm
Total Work: 619 kJ
Average Speed: 20.2 mph

Easy ride at a good pace. It won’t get me over any mountains or steep hills, but it was one of those rides that will help you build your endurance. Technically it was in the Endurance Zone, and it did feel really, really good. It will help build my base, so I will take it. You can’t hang your hat on these rides, but they are nice from time to time.

Besides, I am on could 9 this morning. I got some really, really good news that makes me really, really happy.

The Double Triple Bypass

Yep. The organizers of the Triple Bypass held their lottery and me and one of my pals got into the Double. Yes, we signed up for the Double Triple Bypass for the lottery and we were super lucky to get picked for that ride.

If you don’t live out West, then you may or may not know what the Triple Bypass is. That’s alright — I don’t think I have ever had a real bagel. Let’s just call it even.

The Triple Bypass is in Colorado and starts outside of Denver in Evergreen and rides up three canyons on the backroads all the way up to Avon. On Saturday the ride is 120 miles with 10,000 feet of total elevation gain. There are three huge climbs that will challenge the toughest of tough.

But then you get to do it again on Sunday. On the second day you take it from Avon to Evergreen and go another 120 miles and climb another 10,000 feet. The total for the two days is 240 miles and 20,000 ft of elevation gain. The challenge of that much mileage and climbing really makes me smile. I think I have a sickness.

Here is the elevation profile…

2011 is the first year of the Double Triple Bypass. Only 500 people got into that part of the ride. I am thinking they just looked at our names and picked us because we are the toughest sounding. Of course they could have looked at this blog and seen how I really roll…fat and slow.

This ride was one of the rides I really wanted to do in 2011 and I am really excited to include it in my calendar. I am almost as excited for this as I was for Ironman St. George in 2010. Really.

So I decided to put a To-Do List together for this ride. Let me share it with you…

  1. Make sure my fly rod will fit in my jersey. I love to fly fish and I am sure after riding that far on Saturday I will be excited to go and wet a line. The cold water in the river will help my legs recover.
  2. Dust off my 12×26 cassette. Three huge mountain passes and 10,000 ft. of climbing is going to test the best climbing legs. We then get to turn around and do it again.
  3. Get Alberto Contador’s phone number. With his suspension coming down the pipe, I am sure Alberto Contador will need a new training partner. I do have a guest bedroom that he could use if he wants to train with a real climber this summer.
  4. Find myself a drug supplier. Don’t judge me. I saw this on and loved it. It may or may not be NSFW because of language, but it is worth the watch. This video blogger gives some compelling arguments not only to do drugs, but also why Lance Armstrong must be on drugs. Enjoy…

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