Under Armour Heat Gear Review

Type: Run — Testing my Cold Weather Gear
Distance: 5.01 miles
Pace: 8:23 min/miles
Time: 41:51
Average Heart Rate: 161 bpm
Average Speed: 7.1 mph

According to weather.com, the temperature was 34 degrees and the wind was out of the west at about 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. It was a brisk day according to my standards. Not cold, just a little nippy. Enough that I needed to dress up to stay warm. I recently got some Under Armour Heat Gear running tights to keep my legs warm. I have a microfleece from the same company to keep my upper boy warm. I threw on a beanie and I was good.

The run was actually good. I could tell at the front of the run that the wind was right in my face from the beginning. I had to put together a decent effort on the out part of the run to keep my pace. Once I turned around I thought I would fly, but it looks like from the data that I just got a little lazy instead. You can see I had to wait for traffic at three of the four traffic stops from the spikes in my pace. As I started the last mile I realized I was going to be slower than yesterday, so I really picked it up for the last mile, which I put together at 7:41. I am taking the day off tomorrow so I will try and put together a much faster run on Saturday. Here is the data and the map from my run:

And here is the map I put together from mapmyride.com. This is a fantastic way for you to find new runs in towns you are visiting and to download your information to your Garmin on your bike if you use one. I haven’t tried to download to a Forerunner, but I have to my 750.

With apologies to my northern friends, it was a little chilly out there today. I ran in my new running tights from Under Armour. Now, I am really particular about what I run and ride in. It is really weird how obsessive I am about my workout clothing. The tights were really warm and I never got cold, even at the start of my run. I liked that the tights are insulated behind the knees, keeping my knees really toasty. I liked that there was a zipper on the back of the bottom of the leggings, which of course would allow you to insert your shoes into the leggings and find them again. The zippers actually lock down, which means they don’t bounce up and down while you run. Like a pair of bike shorts, there was a grip strip at the bottom of each legging to keep them from riding up.

The construction of the tights was nice, but there was a seam that ran straight down the middle of the thigh. You would think Under Armour would put the seam on the outside of the leg where there would be no chaffing. I felt the grinding after mile 3.0, and it started driving me crazy. I am not sure if I will purchase another pair of these tights. I am going to give them a go a couple of more times, just to be fair.

The microfleece from Under Armour is amazing. I wear it about everywhere. I use it hunting, skiing, running, biking, and anytime I will be sweating and outside. I love this tool and recommend it to everyone.

What is your cold wearer gear setup? I am always looking for something new that actually works…

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