Internet access at 30,000 feet is really cool. I know, it is about time the airlines provided it, but I am still in awe of actually being able to create this post on a plane in real time. My brother Joe will make fun of me for this, but such is life.

A quick update. I was in Kentucky all last week and had some amazing runs. I ran 20.7 miles last week. I enjoy the people I work with there, so spending time away from home is a little easier when I head there. I was in Ohio until early this morning and now I am headed to Wisconsin for additional trainings. The Project Directors I work with in Wisconsin are also some of my favorites.

My training is going well. I miss my bike a lot. I will be home Friday morning and Karen is going to SLC with some of her friends for the night to scrapbook and whatever those chicks do when they get together. So, I am not going to be able to ride Friday or Saturday. I will just have to run on the a.m. on the dreadmill in the basement.

One cool thing is I get to stay home next week. I love being home after being gone for a while. But I think I will take the chance to ride every morning. I might get to hunt most of the nights too. Best of all, I get to be with Karen and Josh. Life is good.

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