Wisconsin Trip

You know, I finally ran a couple of months. It was about time I can hear you saying under your breath. I have been slacking a little on my organized training because I have been on the road being active in real ways. But after my training session today in Muskego-Norway School District, I felt the need to put in some mileage. I went to the gym because it was a little chilly today and ran 3.0 miles. It was a little painful, but I think I will be ready to start my organized training sessions starting November 1st. That was always my plan, and I think it will be plenty of time for me to get into amazing shape for my Ironman on May 1, 2010.

So the colors are on full display here in Wisconsin. I passed a couple of locations and took some great photos here in Racine where I am staying. I think they turned out great, but let me know what you think. I need to actually take a class in photography I think…

Photo of a fountain here in Racine with the fall colors as the backdrop.

I liked the light on this tree. I think it would look better in black and white.

Just another leaf. There were lots of them on the tree.

This one is just on the ground. Not sure why I took it. I think it goes with the solitary theme I had a couple of weeks ago.

These are Canadian Geese. I like to shoot them, so it was cool to watch them feed to study how I should spread my decoys. You can learn a lot from just watching sometimes. I really could take that to so many different places, but I won’t.

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