Working Out on the Road — Running, TRX, and Yoga

I am traveling a ton right now for work. It always happens this time of the year — I am usually on the road from the middle of August until about Thanksgiving and this year is no exception. That makes it tough to stay in a high level of shape because you are constantly fighting to get your workouts in and to maintain a high quality diet. But it is a fight that you need to win, because you do not want to lose the fitness levels that you have worked so hard to achieve throughout the winter, spring, and summer. I really do not want to start back over come December.

So I workout really hard on the road. Some would say I overcompensate just a little. But I have put a system together that works and helps me keep some of the fitness levels. Of course, my workouts don’t really help me maintain cycling fitness, but it does help me actually improve my run fitness. It also gives me the chance to work on muscular strength, which is something that I put on the back burner during the summer.

So here is how I roll on the road:

1. Start with a Run. I will run anywhere between 3-6 miles every day. I try to get different workouts in each night, but I am running about every night of the week. I run on treadmills if the area isn’t too fantastic because most of my runs are later at night. I run with a Garmin Forerunner when I run outside. I really enjoy running outside because it helps me get to know an area and connect with the community. It sounds weird, but I like the feeling I get when I run outside.

2. Immediately go into a TRX workout. When I finish my run, I go up to my room and use the TRX system to get in a strength workout. The only thing I don’t love about the TRX system is they do not provide you with a ton of exercises to do with their system. I have come up with some on my own, so I get in some great upper body strength workouts. If you want information about TRX, click here.

3. I use an iPad app to do a 30 minute practice of Yoga. It may be a little much and most of the practice that includes shoulders I am shaking, but I love the flexibility component. I finish my practice feeling more centered and relaxed. It also helps me focus on what I need to do the next day and the preparation it requires. I use Pocket Yoga on my iPad and it takes me through a nice 30 minute practice.

I will get anywhere from 20 to 35 miles running a week when I am on the road. I like the TRX system because it uses body weight and you can really get a great workout using the system. I use yoga mainly to improve my flexibility with the secondary goal of improving muscular strength. I wish I were home so I could ride my bike and run, but this is my reality for a couple months out of the year, so I make due this way.

If you travel for work, how do you keep up on your workout schedule?

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I have been participating in running and triathlons for 10 years and love the feeling that training provides. You may not agree with me, but you know you just can't look away...