Wyoming Fly Fishing in Star Valley

I know this is a triathlon/cycling blog, but this experience was one of those that I just have to share. We did ride the CASVAR 100 on Saturday and may have been the quickest team (of course there were only 65 people preregistered for all distances).

As I had mentioned before, we stayed at my buddy Curt’s place right outside of Afton, Wyoming. This was a luxury cabin that was set up more like my house than a campsite. The ranch is called the Bar M and is absolutely fantastic. A small stream runs through the property that we got to fish. Orvis has nothing on this location as the stream is very healthy and full of fish, both big and small.

Instead of resting our legs the night before our century, we went fly fishing. This stream was unreal. Check out my three buddies — Curt LaBelle, Todd Quinn, and Scott Davis — just as we started off and wet some line:

Everyone caught fish, both big and small. It seemed that there was an unlimited supply of four to six inch yearlings, which made for lots of fun. We used a red humpy on the stream and it worked for both Browns and Cutthroats.

 We just walked upstream and took turns fishing both sides of the river. These guys were my roommates in college and just fantastic friends. The great thing about us we all now ride bikes and really are going to use that to continue getting together in the future. Here is Todd with his big fish of the day:

For the uninitiated, on a stream of this size this is a great sized fish. Todd caught a bigger one the day before. Our pal Curt’s family owns the place, and this weekend he completed his first century, so everyone should pat him on the back for that, but he was even a better host. He let everyone else catch the big fish all weekend long. Here he is with his great fish of the weekend:

Beautiful fish for sure. Curt could be one of my smartest friends — he is a MD and an MBA. I was glad for the MD when I lodged a fly into my right ear when I was casting. Thanks Curt. Here is Scott bringing one in — I think it was at least six inches…

Scott is one of the most stand up guys, and we call him “The Diesel” on the bike. You point Scott in a direction and he just goes, and goes, and goes. Scott is also one of the best hunting partners around.

Now onto my big fish of the weekend. Curt let me fish the spot that is on his list of personal favorites (thanks Curt). I floated my fly down this stretch of the river a couple of times and thought the hole was empty. I finally got a strike and missed landing the hook, so I threw my fly back upstream and the same fish hit my fly harder. I guess he was hungry. Here is me when I landed him:

Notice how I am not wearing my vest and look like I am wearing PJ’s according to my wife. I left my pole and gear at home because I thought with the broken elbow I shouldn’t be fishing. Of course the boys convinced me that I should. And man I am glad they did — I pulled a beast out of this river. It is the biggest Cutthroat I have ever pulled out of a river. Here is my hog…

This trout was a ton of fun to land and bring in. If you like to fish or not, you need to get out and fly fish at least once in your life. It was the perfect set-up for a race. It helped us all relax and not worry too much about the ride we had planned for the next time. The ride was tough because of the mountain pass we had to climb and the insane weather, but was one of the better centuries that I have ever ridden in. The area is beautiful and I would recommend you put the CASVAR 100 on your radar for 2011. Tomorrow I will tell you why…

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