Wyoming Vacations Rule

Distance: 40.64 miles
Time: 2:05:25
Average Watts: 182 watts
Normative Power: 206 watts
Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm
Total Work: 1,366 kJ
Average Speed: 19.5 mph

This was my Monday morning ride that almost came to a screeching halt. I had a couple of flats in Wyoming and my front tire was starting to show a lot of wear so I changed out my tire Sunday night before the ride and pumped the tire up to 100 psi so it could hold pressure overnight. I got out on Monday morning before my ride and I pumped my tires up to the 120 psi that I normally carry and went out for my ride. About two miles into the ride I felt a weird bump that came at regular intervals in my front tire so I stopped to check it out.

My tire had begun to unseat itself from the wheel. I let all the pressure out of the tire, reseated the bead and pressurized my tire using my CO2 cartridge. I motored home and pumped the tire back up to 120 psi and watched the tire carefully as there were some sections where I carried a bit of speed. Luckily, there is nothing else to report on this. I am happy to say the rest of the ride was incident free.

Vacationing in Wyoming is the Best

I try to update this blog at least five times a week. When I fail at that goal, it is usually because I am out of town for work or even for fun. This last week I had the chance to take my family to spend some time in Star Valley Wyoming, which is right outside of Jackson Hole. We stayed with my buddy Curt and his family at their family cabin and I have to say, by far this was my favorite vacation this year. I spent most of the time either riding or doing cool stuff with the family.

The ranch is a couple hundred acres and is actually a working cattle ranch. They also keep horses at the ranch, and they are at different levels of training. Some get rode more than others, so it was a ton of fun to ride them. I used to help ride a buddy of mine’s cutting horses, so I have spent some time in a saddle of a different sort. I also owned a paint mare that I absolutely loved. Here is a shot of me on what that day was a somewhat disgruntled horse…


For you purists out there, forgive the shorts and the lack of boots. While I have those tools at home, I got to the ranch without them. We would have ridden more, but there was so much to do and only so much time to get it all in. I was great to be around horses again. I really enjoyed helping saddle them up and cool them down after our rides. Here is one of Hoss. I tell you he is worthy of the name…


Then there was the mandatory get Hoss out and help him continue to refine his shooting skills. I love shooting with my boy. He is a really good shot and actually exhibits decent patience when shooting. He shot really well with the open sites of my Henry Lever Action .22 but struggled a little with a Ruger 10/22 that I modified using a kit my Dad sent to me. The 10/22 has a scope on it, and I think Hoss couldn’t get the eye relief down right. Give the boy time and I am sure he will be fine…


We also rode 4-wheelers and Curt’s utility vehicle. I was on a 4-wheeler and my wife drove Hoss and one of Curt’s boys in the UV. One of the highlights of a longer ride we did was when they got to cross the creek that runs through the property. I thought the pictures I took while standing in the middle of the stream were awesome…


There was also the customary trip up to Jackson Hole. We went up to the Jackson Hole Playhouse to see their production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I have to say it was fantastic. If you are ever planning a trip to Jackson Hole, make sure you spend some time at the Playhouse because it attracts great talent. The director and the choreographer did an amazing job and what is a local theater budget. Curt’s wife is an actress by trade and even she agreed with my untrained analysis of the play.

One thing you also need to see are the elk shed arches in downtown Jackson Hole. Here is the family posing in front of one of the smaller ones…


Then there was the riding. Oh how I love to ride my bike in Star Valley Wyoming. That place has a beauty that is tough to find anywhere else. You can also ride flat roads, which in a region known for its mountains, this is a thing of beauty. But of course, you can always ride hills too.

One of my favorites was the Salt River Pass. This is one of the climbs that is featured during LOTOJA and I have to say one of the best in the region. On one day, Curt and I were approaching the bottom of the climb and he taunted me and said he wanted to see how fast I could do it. I really pushed the pace and ended up averaging over 240 watts for the climb. This was my best climb so far this season and one that I am pumped to do again in a couple of weeks for the CASVAR ride. Curt’s brother Rick and I have a small contest planned for the climb and are going to put together a King of the Mountain contest for CASVAR. I am now waiting on Rick to decide on the wager…

Here are Curt and I riding last week…notice the matching jerseys. Those were my idea.


And finally, what would you think the best post-ride recovery strategy would be? Bridge jumping into 40° water of course! I actually love the water, but water that cold was a pretty solid shock to the system. But I will tell you this — after my first jump I sat in the water for a couple of minutes and my legs felt fantastic. Man do I love a good ice bath.

Curt, his daughter, and I posed for what I would call the most awesome bridge jumping video over shot. The size of the video unfortunately exceeds my file limit here, so cruise over to my Facebook page because I have it posted there (click here). It is worth it just because my comments really are hilarious. For now, this picture will have to suffice. Notice my skiing skills coming through here…that may be my favorite trick on jumps. I guess that is why I defaulted to it here.


It was an amazing trip to a fantastic location with wonderful friends. Curt and I were college roommates and one of what I would call my “Inner Circle”. I feel like a chatterbox when I am riding with him because there are so many ideas I want to bounce off of him. I value his opinion and am glad to call the guy my friend. He lives in New York, which means I don’t get to see the guy often enough, but his parents live locally and he serves on a board in town, so he gets back here from time to time.

I can’t wait to go back next year…

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