Your 2011 Race Schedule

For those of you who have a race or two left in your schedule, ignore this post until after your race. You need to focus on your upcoming event. So I dedicate this post to those of us who end our seasons early. I like to think that we have a fraternity, nay, even a brotherhood. A brotherhood of excellence. You know we are just that good…

Because I did not win the LOTOJA lottery this year, the race that I was supposed to end my season up with never happened. I did the CASVAR 100 with my roommates from college to finish up 2010. It was a good ride, but there was little pressure to perform. Ironman St. George started my season off on May 1, but I told my family I would do an Iroman every other year. I actually tried to negotiate and do Ironman Texas in 2011 — it is the first year of that race and being from Texas I wanted to do it badly. But a commitment is a commitment, so I passed on that opportunity.

My goals for 2011 are simple: I want to do some great bike races and I want to run a marathon. I think I can train for both events and my running can only benefit from the cross training provided by cycling. I have done one of the more popular marathons here in this state, so I want to try a new one. So, I am springing this schedule on my family here. They appreciate it when I do stuff like this.

Please feel free to comment on my race selection. Those of you who are hard core, feel free to even talk about race timing. I can handle the volume of training that will be required because of my training base and my schedule that I will maintain through the winter. I can’t think that this schedule will be any more difficult than training for an Ironman, and I think I can keep my training under 15 hours per week.

Utah Valley Marathon — June 11, 2011

My work schedule is such that a spring marathon is out of the question. June may be a little soon, but I will shoot for this marathon so I can focus on cycling after. I do have a backup — the Deseret News Marathon on July 24, 2011. The Utah Valley Marathon is gentle sloping downhill and the nephew of a good friend of mine is the race director. I have always wanted to do this race, and 2011 is the year! Goal: Sub 3:30

Triple Bypass — July 9, 2011

This is an epic ride hosted by the Evergreen Team in Colorado. The ride is 120 miles that features three good climbs, one of which is steep and long. I think it will be a great challenge — the three passes feature over 10,000 feet of climbing, which is doable. I think the real challenge comes down to how fast you want to ride this and dodging the other 3,499 participants. I will ride this with my boys from college. We are still working on an acceptable team name — something that the kids will think is cool but can be uttered in mixed company. Goal: Finish strong with my team…everyone pulls.

1,000 Warriors by Tour of Utah — Probably August 13, 2011

This is the signature race in Utah. Make no mistake — this is a race. There are plenty of “rides” here in the state, but this race draws out some serious local Cat 1 and 2 talent and is a race. You start the ride in Park City and come half way down Provo Canyon, turn right at Sundance and climb up and over American Fork Canyon. You then come out of the canyon in Alpine and cruise up and over Suncrest. You drop down into Salt Lake City and then the final climb waits for you to crush your legs. You finish up in Snowbird, which is a 3,000 foot climb from the valley floor. It is a test that will push you right to your limit if you let it. The total mileage for this race is 96 miles of pure, quad burning climbing and white knuckle descents.  Again, I will be racing this with team yet to be named. Goal: Work my butt off for my team…

LOTOJA Classic — Probably September 10, 2011

Ahh LOTOJA. The name just flows off of the tongue like warm hot cocoa on a cold day. This is THE premier single day event out west. You begin in Logan Utah and finish up in Jackson Hole Wyoming. At 206 miles, it is the epic mountain passes you have to climb that will take it out of you. There is a time limit and if you miss cutoffs, they mercilessly pull you from the course. I have a ton of friends who have done the race, and I hope 2011 is the year I can get into it. We will see. Goal: Finish within the time cutoffs…

Dallas White Rock Marathon — December 4, 2011

I grew up in Dallas and since I was a puny student at Vivian Field Jr. High I have wanted to do this marathon. Let’s just call it a super secret goal and leave it at that. I would have to train extensively on the road because my schedule for work requires I am on the road from August 1st until about Thanksgiving. After my cycling races I would have to commit to focusing and preparing for this race. Goal: I would pass into a month long coma at the finish line if I could run a sub 3:20. There, I just said it outloud.

Final Thoughts

If you lasted this long, congratulations. My race schedule is very important to me because I start keying my training to my race goals and priorities during the winter. I know this is an aggressive schedule, but I can handle it. I want to really put some miles into my legs so when I do Ironman St. George again in 2012, I can drop my time from a 13:06 to a sub 12:00.

Have you thought about your 2011 schedule yet? Are you going to train over the winter to hit your performance goals?

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